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Arathi Basin Rules

Each team begins with zero resources and work towards gaining 2,000 in order to win. There are five ‘resource nodes’ located within Arathi Basin that when captured provide resources every few seconds (exponentially, the more nodes controlled the faster it goes). To capture these nodes,buy wow gold, simply activate the flag at the world of warcraft gold resources located. It has an activation time of ten seconds and any damage done to the person activating the flag will interrupt them.

All nodes start out in a neutral state, with no owners. After each node has been claimed then it’s officially owned by the faction that claimed it. Anyone who seeks to assault the location will have to activate the flag and place the node is a “in conflict” status. The defenders have exactly one minute to reclaim the node before its ownership is transferred to the attackers. If a node is reclaimed while it’s in conflict, then that side instantly regains ownership of the node. While a node is “in conflict” it provides no resources at all to anyone.

If any players die during the game then they have the option of releasing to the nearest graveyard. Each side has a graveyard at their starting location, just outside of the exit portal. Each graveyard has a spirit “rezer” that will resurrect any players within their radius. Furthermore, each resource node has a graveyard located nearby that works only for the side that owns it.

At certain intervals of resources you will gain honor and reputation. If you win then you will gain a large amount of honor, reputation, and three tokens. Losing only gains some reputation and one honor token. That's why it's always best to work towards defeating objectives instead of trying to kill the other players for honor!

Premade raids of up to 15 people can queue up for this BG at the same time, allowing them to enter as a team Single groups of five may enter as well, but nothing is as effective as a premade raid of balanced classes divided into teams. Check out our "Communication is Key" section for more information on groups.

That’s pretty much all there is to Arathi Basin! All that’s left is tactics to win the day!

Resource Nodes

The Farm

The Farm is located in the south-east part of the map and is located right outside of the Defilers Den (where the Horde spawn). The Farm, so close to the location of the Horde’s entrance, is generally captured first by the Horde and is generally always well defended. Inside of the house near the farm is where a random buff will spawn that anyone can take advantage of. The graveyard is located west of the Farm and can be a long walk if someone is assaulting the flag. To attack the Farm, it's best to come up from the Mine. While you have to cover more distance to reach the Farm, you will be able to hide your assault from the buildings and will have plenty of space to flee if required.

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The Stable

The Stables is located in the north-center part of the map and is located right outside of Trollbane Hall (the Alliance Spawn point). Like The Farm, the Stables buy wow gold are generally well defended by the alliance and is captured by them at the start of the map always. The buffs spawn inside of the stable building and the graveyard is located right near the flag. A difficult location for the Horde to attack except later in the game!


The Lumber Mill

Located on a hill to the west, the Lumber Mill is one of the best nodes to capture and defend. Its location gives it a good scouting position,as you can look all around and spot attackers from a distance. It also has a very small amount of actual land to fight in, meaning attackers must get directly into the fight to assault the flag. Not only that, but one wrong stepand a player can find themselves going over the edge of the steep cliff (no duration loss is acquired by falling deaths in the bg). To assault the Lumber Mill simply go up the cliff and fight! There is no tricks here for the assault, well other then not falling off of the cliff. If you do fall be sure to use a potion or some other restoration ability.


The Mine

The Mine is a location that is generally assaulted and forgotten about (rarely defended). Its wide open space generally leads to the most well equipped playerswinning which gives it no tactical advantage. A common strategy is to hide one player in the mine itself. When someone assaults the mine and leaves,simply have that player exit and recapture it then go hide again. Hunters and casters can snipe from the top of the mine as well, if a team decides to defend this area. This location is also easily accessed from the blacksmith by heading straight east and jumping down over the cliff. To assault the Mine simply jump down from the cliff (if no one is there, you will loose some HP) or go downward toward the mine through one of the passages.


The Blacksmith

Kind of like Tic-Tac-Toe, those who hold the Blacksmith control the map. The Blacksmith is in the center of the map and extremely hard to defend with any buy wow gold ,world of warcraft gold;special tricks. The attackerscan come from most any angle, but at the same time the defenders can launch an assault from anywhere on the map. This location is generally where the bulk of the fighting happens as well, since its location is heavily desired for its graveyard and ability to access all other resource nodes in less then a minute. The Blacksmith can be assaulted from any direction with a short swim or a cross of a bridge, so always try to assault it from a unique angle. Rush the flag and try to hold that area!

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