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Alchemy is one of the primary professions in World of Warcraft. Those who take up Alchemy become an Alchemist which is able to brew potions, elixers, oils, and flasks. These various consumables can restore health and mana, grant invisibility, give elemental resistance,wow gold, and much more. They can also convert various metals and high level essences into different properties through the power of transmutation.

The ability to brew various buy wow gold consumables is highly sought after in both the market and by other players. Some flasks are so powerful that they make some encounters in the game much easier by boosting a player’s health or damage by an extremely considerable amount. For instance, the Flask of Fortification grants 1,500 additional health and 30 defense rating for 2 hours!

Alchemy is a primary profession which means that it counts towards the two primary profession limit.  You can unlearn Alchemy at any given time; however doing so resets your skill at zero and unlearns any recipes you may have found. It’s inadvisable to do so once you&rsquo,world of warcraft gold;ve begun discovering new recipes.

Be sure to check out our Profession Forums should you require any additional help with Alchemy! Our community is always looking to help anyone with any questions they should have.

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Getting Started
Lvl Req. Proficiency Skill Levels


1 - 75









To begin, seek out an <Alchemy Trainer> who can teach you Apprentice Alchemy. These trainers are located in every major city, like Stormwind and the Undercity. If you need help finding an Alchemy trainer, simply speak with any guard in a main city who will flag your map with the location of an Alchemy trainer.

There are several ranks to the Alchemy profession. You must get to a certain skill level along with your character level before you can advance to the wow gold next rank. Opening new ranks allows you to increase your skill more. To advance to a new rank, simply revisit an Alchemy Trainer in any major city or an Alchemy Trainer in Outland for the Master Rank. Below is a table of the ranks and when you can advance:

Quick 1-375 Skill "Power Leveling" Guide

Need to get to 375 as fast as possible? Then have a look at our Alchemy 1 - 375 Leveling Guide!

Choosing a Second Profession

Alchemy only goes along well with one other primary profession: Herbalism. Herbalism allows you to gather herbs which can then be used to make potions. You are not required to take Herbalism along with Alchemy, however, buying the herbs from the auction house to level up and brew certain potions is way more expensive and time consuming then gathering them yourself.

If you’re level seventy and have lots of spare money and don’t mind the very expensive cost of leveling Alchemy up yourself then some would suggest taking Enchanting or Tailoring. Both of these professions are not dependant on another profession and give you access to more ways to make money.

Who Alchemy is Best For

Alchemy is for every race and class. It’s useful for EVERYONE. For Warriors, Rogues, Hunters, Mages, and Warlocks all have very little to nothing to help heal them in combat. Alchemy allows them to cheaply create healing potions will save them from tough fights. Rogues and Hunters will find the agility boosting potions to be a blessing while Mages, Warlocks, Priests, Shamans, and any other class who uses mana will find the mana potions to be that one or two extra spells to finish the enemy.

Using Alchemy to brew your buy wow gold own potions is often much cheaper then buying the potions off the Auction House. That’s even if you have to buy the materials yourself! It’s a great profession for anyone. Not the mention the ability to turn herbs into gold with a few potions that everyone needs. The ability to make flasks is very highly sought after in guilds as well! It’s an all around great profession for every class.

Alchemy - Crafting things Right

Alchemy is very easy to use and works like the majority of the other production professions. After you’ve gone to the trainer and learned the require skill just simply open your spellbook. On the first page will be the Alchemy skill. You can either right click it to begin using Alchemy or drag to your hotbar where you can left click to use it. Either way, you should get screen that lists what you can make along with a few buttons.

To make something, you’ll first need the materials. Find what you want to make and see what it takes to make it. For instance, the Swiftness Potion requires 1x Swifthistle, 1x Briarthron, and 1x Empty Vial. For Alchemy, the assorted vials are available at various tradeskill, alchemy, and herbalism vendors. The herbs have to either be bought at the Auction House or picked up in the wild by an Herbalist.

When you have the materials a number will show up next to what you can make in brackets. That number will tell you how many you can make (based on the materials in your inventory). If you have enough materials, select the item and click “Create”. If you want to make multiple you can adjust the number to make selector or if you want to make as many as possible click create all. Congratulations, you’ve created something through Alchemy!

If the item was colored orange,wow gold, then you’ll have a pretty good chance of gaining a skill point in Alchemy. If it was yellow, the chance will be decent. Green has a kind of low chance. On anything colored grey you will not gain any skill points. Remember, in World of Warcraft, there is no failure in crafting. Don’t be afraid to make anything orange colored!

That’s basically how Alchemy works. Even when you transmute metals and essences or refine the philosopher’s stone, the same process works every time.  

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